how to hack transformers forged to fight

in a previous post, we talked about  TF2F Hack.

now we will talk about how to hack transformers forged to fight.

“if you want to skip the technicality and go to directly the hack click the button “

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how to hack transformers forged to fight

steps to generate free Energon and hack the game

  • enter your in-game name.
  • type the required amount of gold you want to generate
  • enter how many free Energon you want
  • the energy you want
  • if you want to level faster type how many xp you want

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With regards to controlling the game on a code level, there are 2 things that should be possible to get that done:.

One can either utilize a memory editor, for example, GameGuardian or

Cheat Engine to physically alter esteems inside the application running on your iOS/Android gadget or on your emulator.

Cheat engine is a virtual machine.

Your game is actually run by a program that is simulating the hardware.  Because its a program it can be, and has been, designed with additional functionality beyond that of the real hardware that allows you to execute various kinds of cheats.



I will go over some of the important aspects of the game.

when you start the game the top navigation bar contain base, alliance, store crystals and bots.

i will explain each one of them below so you have an idea what’s going on in the game


The base is the main defense against attacks from other players.

  • BASE NODES -There is 7 node available to place bot and mods on to defend the base, each node generates gold based on the star and rank of the bot placed on that node.
  • AWAY MISSIONS -Send bots on away missions for rewards including T1 crystal shards, raid chips, arena chips, spark essence and the rare premium crystal shards.
  • BATTLE CENTER -A menu to see defense and attack history and raid leaderboards


At this time Alliances can have up to 18 members.

Alliance Events are now starting to roll around and are an excellent opportunity to earn various rewards by working together! Earn Loyalty for Loyalty Crystals.


When competing in arenas, keep in mind that you can request help (top left corner of your bot) which allows your alliance to speed up your cool-down timer on that bot and earn Loyalty! (Even if you are maxed on Loyalty earned for the day, you can still hit the help button for your teammates!)


Crystals at this time are broken down into 3 categories:

  • CRYSTALS – there are premium bot & mod crystals available for in-app purchase, arena crystals redeemable from grinding in arenas, 2 free crystals available from your base, alliance crystals available by gaining Loyalty from alliance members, and tier 2 mission crystals earned from Story Mode. Any other crystals earned will appear here as well.
  • SHARD CRYSTALS – shards for various types of crystals are available by meeting milestones in arenas, away mission, alliance events, as well as, by participating in Alliance Mission!
  • SPECIAL – not available at this time.


The store at this time is broken down into 4 categories:

  • FEATURED – which has a few bundles for regular story questing, raiding, some energy refills and raid shields.
  • REPAIR KITS – which are for repairing damage or KO’d bots in story or raid quests.
  • RAID – which is where you use those hard earned battle chips to buy items to rank your bots & mods.
  • SHIELDS – which are used to guard your raid chips.


Forging increases the forge level of a bot by using a bot from a lower tier.

Forging can only be done with bots 2* and up. Forge level increases a bots Health and Attack which determine the bots Rating. It has no effects on Abilities or Signature Abilities.

Forge level goes from 0-75 initially, levels 76-100 are unlocked by forging the same bot from one tier lower.

Example Forging a 2* Bumblebee to a 3* Bumblebee.

The amount of experience given is determined by the Tier Rank, and Level of a bot that is being used to forge, gold and ore are also given when a bot is forged.

Forge XP will transfer from one bot to the next. A 3* bot that has a forge level of 17 that is used to forge into a 4* would gain 5 levels beyond what an unforged 3* would give.

Note** At this time it is unknown what happens when you Forge a bot that has had its Signature Ability unlocked and leveled.


all info from tf2f info bot in line

transformers forged to fight crystal opening

transformers forged to fight crystal opening

Transformers forged to fight crystal opening

so you feel lucky when you open the crystal ?? DON’T

why you may ask !!! well if you know anything about kabam then you should know why.

let m enlight you. Opening crystals is gambling with every crystal you say yes my next one

will be the 4-star bot! NOOO, it will be another crappy 2-star  bot you will never use.

you may see someone getting 4 stars from the crystals but don’t get the feeling you will get one too

anyway you have been warned.

videos of crystals opening

8x Premium & 3 Star Bot Crystal Opening!

*NEW BOT* WASPINATOR Crystal Opening !!!


3 Star Bot Crystal Opening !!!

Send me your crystals opening photos and i will feature it in my next post

Transformers Forged To Fight Hack


transformers forged to fight gameplay

Transformers forged to fight gameplay

if you are new to forged to fight or you need to improve your skills in fighting then you must watch this.

here some of the most talented players ever.

Seatin Man of Legends he plays marvel contest of champions and transformers forged to fight

that’s considered an introduction to the transformers forged to fight gameplay 

if you need more about fighting i advice you to watch this

and here some random videos you might wanna watch not so skilled or skills dependent but are fun to watch.

OPTIMUS PRIME VS GRIMLOCK | Transformers Forged to Fight

Optimus Prime Vs Waspinator | Transformers Forged to Fight

Optimus Prime VS Bumblebee

Optimus Prime vs Grimlock Battle Gameplay

that’s the best i can find now if you have a video or you find a good one use the comment section and tell us about it and we will put it in our list if its awesome

Transformers Forged To Fight Hack

Transformers Forged To Fight Hack

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Welcome Commander to Transformers Forged To Fight Hack,


are you ready for greatness?

can you handle the power that will be given you prepare your bots now .

and use forged to fight hack generator.

Transformers Forged To Fight:

is an online game developed By Kabam the maker of the hit game Marvel Contest of champions.

the game considered the next step on MCOC engine which they added a new 3D model of the game.

TF2F story and game-play

the story is about Autobots and Decepticons and the fight between them.

the main goal is to collect as much of the bots as you can get

and rank them to get higher in levels and rewards.

there is 4 stars bots is the game mightiest bots.

but they are very rare you almost never get them,

therefore we created this transformers forged to fight hack tool. will explain in a moment

Transformers Forged To Fight Hack Features

you  get unlimited energon which is the in game Currency with it you almost can buy anything.

after using the hack go to the store and Buy premium bot Crystal and try your luck with it.

eventually you will get these 4 stars bots you want so bad.

now you want to rank up your bots,not a problem get all the gold you want to rank them.

want energy to run quests? we got you Covered.

summary of hack Features:

  • Unlimited energon.
  • Anti-ban system (new).
  • Unlimited energy.
  • Unlimited Gold.
  • proxy bypasser (new).
  • Disable the enemy capacity to fight.
  • no health lost.

Transformers Forged To Fight Hack safe?

absolutely safe we made sure that the hack is safe during the beta testing.

you don’t need to worry about your account whats so ever just use and relax.

Steps of using Transformers Forged To Fight online Generator?

  1. Click here
  2. start typing your email or in-game name.
  3. enter the amount of the resources you want.
  4. click Generate.
  5. sometimes we ask for Human Verify if the activity looks suspicious.

As you can see there is no need for password and we don’t ask for your password.

transformers forged to fight hack
Screen Shot of the hack
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Download Transformers Forged To Fight

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